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Guess who: Harry Potter

Si je vous donne quelques mots pour vous faire penser à un personnage, sauriez-vous le retrouver? Cette semaine, j’ai essayé de vous faire deviner des personnages de Harry Potter sur les réseaux sociaux. Voici les réponses ! Attention, spoiler.

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Pour celui-ci, je pensais à Drago Malfoy. Bravo Mathilde!

He has prejudice against the Muggles. He’s very wealthy and spoiled by his parents (his father bought new brooms to the Slytherin Quidditch team so that his son could play in the team). He very often sniggers when Harry’s around – for example, when Snape reads out Rita Skeeter’s article about the invented love story between Harry and Hermione. I wonder how many times he behaves as a snitch and reports Harry to the teachers.

Ce personnage n’a pas été trouvé. Bien essayé Paul Emmanuel! Il s’agit de Severus Snape!
First, I thought of his greasy hair. It is very often mentioned in the book. As a teacher, he’s very unfair and always favours the Slytherins. He holds a grudge against Harry because of Harry’s father. But he also feels a lot of remorse because he got James and Lily Potter killed. He takes great personal risks being a spy for Albus Dumbledore.

Ce personnage, c’est Hermione Granger. Bravo Mathilde et Julien!

She doesn’t like it but people sometimes call her a know-it-all. She spends hours and hours in the library on countless occasions. Her hair is described as bushy. In class, she’s always the first one to raise her hand. She’s very gifted.

Ce personnage, c’est Kreacher, l’elfe de maison du manoir des Black! Trop forte Mathilde.

When we first meet this character, he’s always grumpy. He moans about his mistress being gone and the new people visiting his manor (the order of the Phenix). He’s loyal to Sirius’ mother and Sirius’ brother Regulus. He spends a lot of time in his den which is in the kitchen. Harry offers him a locket Regulus used to wear and this is how Harry wins Kreacher’s loyalty.

Ce personnage, c’est Neuville Longbottom. Bravo Pauline et Mathilde!

He’s always described as clumsy and forgetful. He breaks many things throughout the series. He has a toad pet. He has green fingers and performs well in Herbology. He stands up to Harry, Ron and Hermione when they want to break the school rules in the first volume. He also stands up to Voldemort when he is asked to join the Death Eaters.

Ce personnage n’a pas été trouvé. Je pensais à Petunia Dursley.

She’s skinny with a very long neck as opposed to her husband who has almost none. She feels a lot of resentment towards her sister and the magical world. She raises Harry but neglects him. She’s very nosy and enjoys spying on her neighbours. She spends much time tidying up.

Ce personnage, c’est Remus Lupin ! Encore gagné, Mathilde.

He looks shabby because he’s very poor. He was bit by a werewolf when he was a child. After the full moon, he looks sickly. To protect the other students at Hogwarts, he transforms in the shrieking shack in Hogsmeade which is said to be haunted. He resigns after Snape ‘accidentally’ tells all the Slytherins about him being a werewolf.

Bravo Mathilde et Julien! Ce dernier personnage n’est nul autre que Albus Dumbledore!

His half-moon spectacles and long beard are often mentioned. Even when he talks to Death Eaters or unreasonable Ministry members, he stays courteous and composed. He’s the figure of wisdom. I could have chosen a word about his peculiar personality. How about : eccentric? Apart from his genius, he is also the single wizard to be feared by Voldemort. I should have probably added that one too!

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